Assisting you with the final work

Briefly, what happens before our final exam:

  1. The most important issue is to select the theory of yours here and get the book from me to copy (if you have not done it already).
  2. Next step is to think of a phenomenon, issue, problem, social practice that can be explained or at least described using the theory of your choice.
  3. Then, go to and find a corresponding article for your work (either or both – theoretically and substantially).
  4. Having done that: contact me (preferably via email) with very basic answers to the questions above and schedule a meeting to discuss it and talk about the following steps. Please, do this before Wednesday, Jan 18. (Remember that I am evaluating your work as a process, not only as an outcome.)

Please note, that we won’t be having regular classes on Thursdays – just individual meetings until the exam.